SSN Fields

Some government forms have an SSN (social security number) "comb" field that is split into three sections:

SSN Comb Field

To fill out this SSN field, you can use DocSpring's "Comb" and "Comb Offset" feature.

First, create a new field for each SSN section. Give all of these fields the same name (e.g. ssn.)

Three SSN Fields

Now scroll to the bottom of the options sidebar, and check the "Comb" checkbox for each of these ssn fields.

Comb Options

Set the following options for the three fields:

  • Cells: 3, Offset: 0
  • Cells: 2, Offset: 3
  • Cells: 4, Offset: 5

Now you can send a 9 character SSN as a single value in your data (e.g. { "data": { "ssn": "123456789" } }), and this value will be split into 123 - 45 - 6789. The SSN will be formatted correctly across the three SSN sections on the form.

SSN Filled

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