Generate PDF Preview for Data Requests

Call this API endpoint to request a preview PDF for partially completed data requests. For example, 2 out of 3 signers have completed their data requests, but you want to show a preview of the PDF before it is fully completed and the submission PDF is finalized.

This is an async API endpoint and will enqueue a background job to generate the preview. Poll the Get Submission API endpoint until the preview_download_url property is set. This is the URL where you can download the preview PDF. A preview_generated_at timestamp will be present. If you want to regenerate the preview (e.g. after more data requests have been completed), you can call this API endpoint again and wait for the preview_generated_at timestamp to change.

HTTP Request



You must send an Authorization header with the value Basic followed by base 64 encoded token_id:token_secret.

For example: Authorization: Basic dG9rZW5faWQ6dG9rZW5fc2VjcmV0Cg==

See the Authentication documentation for more information.

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