Field Display Types

"Display Types" determine how data is displayed on the PDF.


Typeface (Font)

When you choose a "monospace" typeface, we will automatically calculate the maximum number of characters that can fit in the field. This will be added to the API schema as a validation.


When "Multiline" is checked, the text will wrap across multiple lines. When unchecked, the text will be displayed as a single line.


When checked, the field is divided into equally spaced boxes, or "combs", and one character is placed in each comb. You can configure the number of comb cells.

DocSpring will display the lines that divide each cell:

Three SSN Fields with Comb options

DocSpring will display the lines that divide each cell, and these lines can be useful when you're not sure how many cells are in a field. For larger comb fields, continue incrementing the "Comb Cells" value until all of the lines match up.

View the SSN Fields tutorial to see how you can use the "Comb Offset" option to format an SSN into three separate sections.

Other Text Options

  • Font Size
  • Bold
  • Uppercase
  • Color
  • Opacity
  • Horizontal Alignment: (Left, Center, Right)
  • Vertical Alignment: (Bottom, Center, Top)


You can configure the check character, color, and opacity.

Check Options


You can configure a fill, border, or both. You can also configure the border width, and opacity.

Shape Options


Image Scaling

Images can be scaled to fit, scaled to fill, or stretched to fill the field dimensions.

Image Scaling Options

Image Scaling Examples

Scale Gravity

When you choose "scale to fit" or "scale to fill", you can configure the "gravity". This lets you control the image position (for "fit"), or which part of the image is cropped (for "fill").

Scale Gravity Options

Scale Gravity Examples

See the Image Data Type section for information about images.

QR Code

Strings, Emails, and URLs can be displayed as QR Codes.

QR Code


The following field data types can be displayed as barcodes: Barcode, String, Email, and URL.

Note that the Barcode data type can also be displayed as plain text.

Strings, Emails, and URLs use the Code 128 symbology, which supports any ASCII character.


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