Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Action
Cmd or Ctrl + z Undo
Cmd or Ctrl + Shift + z Redo
Cmd or Ctrl + s Save
Cmd or Ctrl + f Focus the "Filter" input to filter fields
Escape Unfocus any text inputs, or deselect field

With a Selected Field

Key Action
Up, Down, Left, Right Move the field. Hold Shift to increase the distance.
Backspace or Delete Delete the field
n Focus the Name input
t Focus the Title input
d Focus the Description input
r Toggle Required
h Toggle Hidden
s Toggle Static
b Toggle Bold
u Toggle Uppercase
m Toggle Multiline
c Toggle Comb (Comb Cells input is focussed)
Cmd or Ctrl + c Copy the selected field
Cmd or Ctrl + v Paste the copied field

Change New Field Type

Key Field Type
1 String
2 Number
3 Date
4 Check
5 Square
6 Circle
7 Rectangle
8 Ellipse
9 Image
0 Signature
q QR Code (URL)
w Barcode

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