Get Template

Fetch a Template.

HTTP Request



The default API endpoint will only return a subset of the template data, including name, description, document data, and template settings.

You can append ?full=true to the URL to retrieve all of the template data (including fields, html, scss, etc.)


You must send an Authorization header with the value Basic followed by base 64 encoded token_id:token_secret.

For example: Authorization: Basic dG9rZW5faWQ6dG9rZW5fc2VjcmV0Cg==

See the Authentication documentation for more information.

Example Code

var DocSpring = require('docspring')

var config = new DocSpring.Configuration()
config.apiTokenId = 'DOCSPRING_TOKEN_ID'
config.apiTokenSecret = 'DOCSPRING_TOKEN_SECRET'
client = new DocSpring.Client(config)

client.getTemplate('YOUR_TEMPLATE_ID', function (error, template) {
  if (error) throw error
using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using DocSpring.Client.Api;
using DocSpring.Client.Client;
using DocSpring.Client.Model;

namespace Example
    public class DocSpringExample
        public void main()
          Configuration.Default.Username = "DOCSPRING_TOKEN_ID";
          Configuration.Default.Password = "DOCSPRING_TOKEN_SECRET";

          var apiInstance = new PDFApi();
          string templateId = "tpl_000000000000000001";
          var template = apiInstance.GetTemplate(templateId);

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